I am pleased to enthusiastically support the work of Stand Asia.  I have been fortunate enough to have gone on two different trips with Stand Asia to the persecuted church in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.  Both times I have been personally challenged and refreshed by the courage and faith of the pastors and leaders in those countries who have faced persecution and stood strong for the Lord and His gospel.  So impacted by the fruit of those trips our church, Solomon’s Porch, has been supporting Stand Asia financially and prayerfully.  It is our privilege to stand with those who are persecuted and to speak for those who cannot.

As a fellow follower of Christ I urge you to support, pray, and go personally to witness and learn from these precious brothers and sisters who are modelling the way of Christ.  You will be a blessing to them and will be blessed tremendously by them.  Thank you.

Rev. Samuel Song
Senior Pastor, Solomon’s Porch

I have been in full time pastoral ministry for nearly forty years but some of the most fulfilling experiences have been ministering to the persecuted church in Asia. Over the past five years I have been part of a small group of pastors invited to minister with Stand Asia in several South East Asia countries where the Christian minority has experienced varying degrees of persecution. These ministry trips are challenging, exciting and incredibly worthwhile. Jesus said, “Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together.”(Luke 6:38)
On each trip, the church leaders we were able meet and minister to are so grateful to us for coming yet my experience has been that it is me who has been enriched and blessed.

Meeting pastors of the persecuted church both as a group and in one on one interaction I always find such a humbling experience. Some of these dear brothers and sisters in Christ have had their lives or families threatened because of their insistence on sharing the Gospel. Most are poor with few resources yet they are rich in faith. Nonetheless the relentless pressure from hostile groups or governments takes its toll.

On my most recent trip we were running a three day seminar for about 25 pastors and their wives. During the first sessions it was easy to see that most were oppressed spiritually and physically tired. Battle weary would be a good description. Yet over the three days during the times of ministry the Holy Spirit met them in their need. I will never forget the last session. Many gave testimonies of what the Lord had done for them and how our time with them had so encouraged them. They found new hope and new strength to go back and face the battle. That last session ended with such an exuberant time of praise and dance. Faces that were heavy and down cast three days before were alight with joy and laughter.

If you have the opportunity to go on one of these ministry trips, go!
Drop your schedules and other commitments. Go with an open mind and heart ready to be used by the Lord and you will be blessed by being a blessing. “Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act.” Proverbs 3:27

Rev P.

While serving as the pastor of Kowloon International Baptist Church in Hong Kong, I was able to minister with Stand Asia. We visited pastors and church leaders in Sri Lanka. These servants of God had weathered the civil war, and many were working with Christians in refugee camps. We were able to listen to their stories, pray with them, and supply them with Bibles and bicycles.

Twice I traveled with this organization to a very restricted country where professing Christ is illegal. We were able to see the way humanitarian ministries were being conducted. We visited with some of God’s people who were seeking to live their witness in a land that did not permit their verbal sharing. The changes they were making in the world around them were astounding.

The leadership of Stand Asia exhibits a rare sensitivity to God’s choice leaders. They listen to and pray with the persecuted. When possible, they recruit resources to assist the oppressed with their ministries. I strongly recommend Stand Asia.

Dr Harry Lucenay. United States

It’s has been my privilege and honour to partner with Stand Asia. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to couple of countries with Stand Asia Team. Stand Asia, has done an outstanding job bringing awareness to the body of Christ in regards to the persecuted Christians in Asia.

I had the opportunity to go with Stand Asia Team to Bangladesh & Sri Lanka. It was an amazing and life changing experience. It was so awesome to meet these Pastors, leaders, and Christians who were being persecuted. Most of them did not even talk about their persecution. They wanted to talk about how God was moving in their churches and lives. During Q&A sessions their questions were geared towards how to be a better person, how to take care of their family and ministry, how to raise their kids, etc. They hardly talked about their persecution.  Sitting down and talking with these Pastors and believers who have been persecuted for so many years, was life changing for me. They thought they were so blessed talking to us, it was the other way around. We were the ones who were so blessed and encouraged to know, despite what they’ve been going through, yet they are living and serving God so fervently.

To hear their stories in person impacted my life so much. I’ve definitely developed a deep desire to pray for the persecuted Christians and Churches. Also, to share with other Christians and bring awareness of the persecution that’s taking places in these nations.

If you get an opportunity to go to any of these countries with Stand Asia, I highly recommend you to do so. The impact it will make on you will be mind-blowing. I believe the Stand Asia  team have done an extraordinary job in bringing awareness to the churches about the persecuted churches.

Please pray for the Stand Asia team as they go to these countries to reach out to these precious people who are living and serving God under these circumstances.

Support Stand Asia. Pray for Stand Asia. Go with Stand Asia.

John Malcolm
Senior Pastor, Calvary Church Hong Kong

“I’ve attended Stand Asia’s year end thanksgiving event for the past two years and have been touched by the talks from those serving in closed countries and your visits to the persecuted churches.  We Christians in Hong Kong live such a comfortable life that our faith is often watered down to head knowledge and religious practices.  Our prayers focus on our own needs and so often, our experience in God is very limited.  Thanks for Stand Asia’s ministry and sharing.  Your ministry helps me to once again focus on Jesus and His power, knowing that all those who trust in Him will surely experience His greatness and faithfulness.”

Ms Tsang
Senior Church Minister of the Chinese Christian Eternal Grace Church

I believe that “the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church”.  Praise the Lord that I can enjoy the freedom in Hong Kong to live out my faith in Christ.  Even now with the coronavirus threat (COVID-19), I can still worship in our church.

For the future, I have the following resolutions:
(a) know more and be more concern about our persecuted family in Christ;
(b) pray for the persecuted and give offering to support our suffering family whenever moved by God;
(c) personally be prepared to suffer for Christ if that comes.
May we all be bold witnesses of the Lord, glorying Him and blessing others always.  Amen.

 A Lady Church Minister of a Local Chinese Church in Hong Kong

I’m so moved by Stand Asia’s passion and commitment to minister to the persecuted church, through personal visits that demonstrate true care and deep concern for God’s faithful ones and the ministry worldwide.  The conditions, testimonies, and prayer needs that are shared from Stand Asia’s ministry trips are very powerful and helpful for more informed prayer.  This has convicted me to respond to God’s calling and to commit as follows:

  • Broaden my horizon: I’m willing to pray regularly and continuously for God’s kingdom ministry worldwide, especially those countries that Stand Asia’s team has been visiting. This would be a start, hoping that I can have an opportunity to involve more and even begin partnership with Stand Asia’s ministry.
  • Mobilize mission: Organize topical sermons in the adult fellowship I’m ministering to and invite Stand Asia’s team to come and share. This would let us hear of life testimonies from mission fields and aware of the urgency of salvation for all peoples.  We hope to raise our concern and support for mission, knowing that each and every one of us can pray and give offering so as to be part of God’s kingdom ministry worldwide.  We believe that in turn, our church people’s faith and trust in the Lord will grow. 
  • Continue to pray for Stand Asia’s ministry and I’ll try my best to mobilize mission in my church and among my Christian networking.

Thanks again for Stand Asia’s ministry and all your co-workers’ involvements in facilitating the spreading of the Gospel worldwide.”

 A Lady Church Minister of a Local Chinese Church in Hong Kong

I thank God for the ministry team of Stand Asia. The team has a unified vision and mission to fulfill our Heavenly Father’s work.  Through attending the monthly Cantonese prayer meetings, I’m getting to know more of the religious, cultural, constitutional situation and the livelihood of people in different countries.  Stand Asia team also travels to different countries to equip and train locals, and their sharing on trips make me aware of the reality that God’s blessing can reach the end of the world, no matter where.  Praise the Lord and may His glory reveal here on earth as it is in heaven.  Hallelujah!  Amen.

A Chinese volunteer

By praying for the persecuted church God has opened my eyes to His amazing work here on earth: the scheme of persecution from the ruler of this world can never stop God from drawing people of all nations to know Him and his salvation. The faith of our brothers and sisters in the midst of persecution always reminds me and convicts me.  There are many believers who are paying a great cost to follow Christ in different parts of the world and I ask myself, “What am I willing to offer to the Lord and how much?

Though I don’t personally know our persecuted brothers and sisters, we’re indeed a family in Christ.  I hope through my prayers for them from here afar, I can be part of the spiritual battle they’re fighting.   I wish more and more Christians living in the “free” world would care and be concerned for our suffering brothers and sisters in Christ who are living in the “persecuted” world.”

A prayer partner