Awareness trips

Our fact finding and awareness trips are a very practical outworking of our core values and are always envisioned and conducted in partnership with local organisations in our focus countries.

Awareness trips are a unique and meaningful way for Christian volunteers to meet those who are persecuted. The emphasis of these trips is to move people from a merely theoretical knowledge about persecution to a personal understanding that only comes from actual relationship with those who are persecuted. The difference, of course, is profound. Our hope is that awareness trips facilitate mutual encouragement and transformation – they often feature practical service and spiritual support. In fact, those who are persecuted have much to offer and share and volunteers often share that they receive more than they give.

Trip Testimonies

“ We lost all our earthly things when our home was burnt,  but we are glad that our brothers and sisters in Christ are standing with us.”

“I did not know what to expect when I came for the meeting but soon realised that this was meant for me. The messages and fellowship healed my heart and body. Thank you for coming to encourage us.”

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