Amidst increasing restrictions on religious freedom Asia, we invite you and your church or group to pursue God’s heart on behalf of those who experience persecution. There are many ways to get involved and partner with our work to bring about change:


  • Newsletter – We send monthly email updates with information and specific prayer requests relative to Christian persecution in Asia. Our newsletter is an excellent way to engage in informed and responsive prayer. Sign up for our newsletter.
  • Prayer Meeting – We host a monthly prayer meeting where we share some of the important, current realities and priorities of our work and spend time praying together for those who are persecuted in Asia.


  • Every year we host a variety of gatherings and an annual conference to increase awareness and understanding of Christian persecution in Asia. All of our events typically feature worship, prayer, speaking, and a time for questions and answers. For the speaking portion, we invite people from our focus countries to share personal experiences of persecution and/or about their work and ministry with those who are persecuted. These events provide unique opportunities for people in Hong Kong to hear, meet, and learn from those who are on the frontlines of Christian persecution. Our hope is that people leave our events more informed as well as more spiritually envisioned and encouraged.
  • Upcoming Events
  • If you’d like to invite us to host something at your church or group, please get in touch.


  • People – even Christians – will likely never know about the realities of persecution and about the particular experiences of Christians in Asia unless they are told. If your church or group would like to learn more about Christian persecution in Asia and grow in its understanding and application of pursuing God’s heart for justice, we would be happy to serve you.
  • We understand that churches and groups have fairly established routines and schedules and, if you invite us to share, we can be accordingly flexible. Over the years, on many occasions, we have given presentations, preached sermons, and even envisioned and led whole services. Though the specifics of our sharing may be different based on context, we always bring resources so people can find out more and provide opportunities for practical involvement.
  • If you’re interested in finding out more or would like to invite us to share with your church or group or to host an event, please complete the following form and we will be in touch:


  • Awareness Trips – If you are interested in building relationship with Christians who are persecuted, more deeply understanding their lives and experiences, and in offering practical service and spiritual support, all in the context of a traveling with a small group or similarly minded people, our solidarity trips are for you.
  • Upcoming Solidarity Trips


  • Our organization appreciates working with volunteers and if you are there are a variety of different things we need help with including coordinating events, helping with IT, translation of documents, fundraising etc.
  • If you’re interested in volunteering with us, please get in touch.


  • Our work is dependent on generosity and we are very grateful for your support. There are a number of ways you can donate, either one-time or regularly, or for specific projects or trips.
  • Regular Donations
    You can donate regularly by arranging “Standing Instructions” through your bank with the following information:

Stand Asia Limited
A/C No. 500467014001
Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd.
1 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

      • Online
        You can donate online with HSBC. Select the charity section and choose “Stand Asia Limited.”You can also donate by direct transfer to our account: HSBC CA: 500-467014-001.PayPal

    Thank you. We appreciate your generosity!

    Donate Now

    Make your cheque payable to
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