Guiding Principles

  • Stand Asia is a Christian organisation.
  • Our guiding principles, all of which are based on our Christian faith and characterize our approach to working with and on behalf of those who suffer persecution
  • We believe the Bible to be the inspired authoritative Word of God.
  • We value praying for and with those suffering persecution.
  • We value visiting those suffering persecution and being with them in person.
  • We value responding to the needs of those suffering persecution by providing appropriate physical as well as spiritual support.
  • We value bearing witness to those suffering persecution by making their situations known and raising awareness.
  • We value creating and nurturing community in and amongst Hong Kong churches who desire to recognise those suffering persecution as their brothers and sisters in Christ.

Our base in Hong Kong allows us to travel to other Asian countries and gives us first-hand interactions with Christians who are persecuted for their faith. Over the years, we have established meaningful relationships and built a high level of trust that allows us to stand beside and walk with persecuted brothers and sisters in the body of Christ.

Stand Asia’s commitment to those who are persecuted in Asia is unwavering. We will continue to visit, encourage, and stand with those who cannot freely practise their faith in Asia, and make the plights of those who suffer for their faith known to all concerned in Hong Kong and beyond.

Stand Asia’s role in Hong Kong is to act as a facilitator for the churches in Hong Kong to minister to churches suffering persecution in Asia, providing a bridge for pastoral care, spiritual encouragement, and church growth. It does this by raising awareness, organising ministry trips, and practically helping those who suffer loss. Many of these churches are located in the poorest areas and are socially isolated by cultural and religious prejudice. Others are openly vandalised and attacked by religious bigots with little restraint from ruling authorities.

Stand Asia is a caring ministry that is able to connect the church of Hong Kong personally with Christians and church leaders who are suffering hardship, been attacked, or imprisoned for their faith. It provides spiritual and material support for those who are persecuted while at the same time creating opportunities for the church of Hong Kong to hear their stores, witness their faith and engage in much needed prayer.

The persecuted Christian

    • At a personal level Christians are often held in prisons while others are discriminated, ostracised and not permitted to hold significant positions of influence in government, education or business. These are the ones who endure persecution because there is no escape while knowing that it will be used powerfully by God for gospel witness. These are the marginalised of Matthew 25 who are in need of a kind word, a supporting arm, some understanding encouragement. Jesus’ challenge to us in Hong Kong ‘whatever you do for the least of my brothers and sisters you do for me’ also applies to these bothers and sisters.

If there is a message that desperately needs to be heard by the church today, it is Jesus’ words regarding persecution. The rising level of persecution of Christians, and increasing intolerance towards believers in Asia is an issue that the church will be facing for the next decade and beyond. These are our brothers and sisters in the faith who have counted the cost and continue to follow Jesus. Confronted with their example, we can learn how to adapt and be bold in our faith when our time of trial comes. There is a biblical call to care for Christians who are under persecution or in chains for the name of Jesus as if it were our own family (Heb. 13:3).

Stand Asia

Stand Asia is a unique ministry organisation established specifically for the purpose of partnering the churches of Hong Kong with those who suffer persecution in Asia. It achieves this in the following ways:
• Supporting pastors and Christians practically who have suffered physical loss for their faith.
• Leading fact finding and ministry trips to respond to the needs on the front line
• Convening dynamic prayer gatherings to engage in targeted spiritual warfare
• Training experienced leaders to minister into the specific needs of the suffering church
• Engaging local church communities to provide continuing encouragement and support to those on the front line.
• Providing expert knowledge on the current situations affecting churches in Asia
• Writing reports to raise awareness on the physical and spiritual intimidation experienced by Christian communities


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