Our mission is to help persecuted Christians stand firm in their  faithful witness to Jesus.


  1. Prayer
    We are a praying community who bring the cause of those suffering persecution to the throne of heaven
    (1 Peter 3:12)
  2. Presence
    We are a visiting community who come alongside those who are suffering to minister hope and encouragement in the power of the Holy Spirit (Hebrews 13:3)
  3. Provision
    We are a committed community providing physical as well as spiritual support to the persecuted church so that they can stand firm in their faithful witness to Jesus (2 Cor 8:7)
  4. Partnership
    We are a community of fellowship enabling Hong Kong churches to partner with those who are suffering persecution (Phil 1:3-6)
  5. Promotion
    We are witnessing community for the persecuted church, making their situations known, raising awareness, generating support. (1 Peter 5:1)

The persecuted Christian

If there is a message that desperately needs to be heard by the church today, it is Jesus’ words regarding persecution. The rising level of persecution of Christians, and increasing intolerance towards believers in Asia is an issue that the church will be facing for the next decade and beyond. These are our brothers and sisters in the faith who have counted the cost and continue to follow Jesus. Confronted with their example, we can learn how to adapt and be bold in our faith when our time of trial comes. There is a biblical call to care for Christians who are under persecution or in chains for the name of Jesus as if it were our own family (Heb. 13:3).



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