Main Religion:
Islam: 63%
Christianity: 9%

Malaysia is ranked #43 on the Open Doors 2023 World Watch List of Christian persecution.

Three years after Pastor Raymond Koh was kidnapped in broad daylight in February 2017, the family continues to suffer.  Pastor Raymond’s whereabouts and condition remain unknown and no one has been held accountable. In April 2019, The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) concluded in an inquiry that the Special Branch was behind the enforced disappearances of Raymond and another social worker Amri Che Mat. The national human rights commission is also investigating the disappearances of Pastor Joshua Hilmy and his wife Ruth Sitepu.

Persecution: There is a high level of persecution against Christians in Malaysia. Ethnic Malay are expected to be Muslim. Constitutionally, conversion from Islam is still prohibited. Judicial processes usually favour Muslims over other religious minorities. Women are especially disadvantaged; if they convert from Islam, they are often threatened with rape or forced marriage.

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